Curriculum, Teaching and Training

We will begin using the Tru curriculum starting in January 2014. Teachers will be emailed their lesson plans the week of their scheduled teaching Sundays.

There will be a Plan to Protect training session during one Sunday's discussion time in late January.

Kids' Quest Inventory 

Here is where you can go to access our inventory list. All the shelves and cupboard in the three rooms of the Sunday School office have been labelled to make locating items easier. 

  • "Well stocked" means we have lots and won't run out anytime soon.
  • "Several" means we should have enough for several classes worth.

*This inventory list does need to be updated, but is still fairly accurate. It will be fully updated in January 2014. Please do your best to change the status of items if you use it or change its location. If you use it up entirely, simply delete it as an option in our online inventory. This will help keep this list up-to-date and reliable for others. 

Epi-Pen Training Video
Some of our children require an Epi-Pen in case of emergencies. The church has an extra Epi-Pen in the First Aid cupboard in the Sunday School office. Children with severe anaphylactic allergies also usually carry an Epi-Pen on them. If you haven't already, please click the link (in the title) to watch a short video on how to use an Epi-Pen.

Plan to Protect Training Video
Additionally, each volunteer in Elevation's Children's ministries must be re-trained annually in our Plan to Protect policies. You can get re-trained easily at home by watching the following training video and e-mailing your answers to the questions at the end to gloria@elevateyourlife.org.

St. John's Nursery Partnership with Elevation Handbook
This handbook should be reviewed by all our teachers and helpers who work in rooms that we share with St. John's. A summary of the points in this Handbook have been posted in the classrooms they pertain to for your easy referral.


The following links will take you to the volunteer schedules for each class. They can be edited directly and your information will save automatically.

How to Teach Each Class

Children benefit from routine and structure. Therefore, though we have different teachers teaching the same class from week to week, it is important that each teacher be aware of and follow the routines of each class to establish a sense of continuity for the children. The following is meant to train new teachers and help establish norms among our seasoned teachers.